Hallow Core 1/2″ thick

Hallow Core open grid construction and 1/2” surface height copes effectively with water and spillage dissipation.

Its tubular two-layer structure also provides excellent comfort and insulation where cold, hard floors are otherwise an issue, especially where workers are standing for lengthy periods.

It is made from hard-wearing, flexible PVC hollow bars welded to cross directional under-bars to provide good insulation where cold, hard floors are otherwise an issue.

Due to its flexible vinyl construction, it is easy to cut to shape and will lay on top of any type of floor surface without fixing.

It will also naturally contour to uneven and irregular surfaces.

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Two-layer hollow construction for maximum comfort and cushioning

Insulating & fatigue reducing

Lightweight, economical and easy to clean

High slip resistant rating & self-draining (R11, V10 under DIN 51130 testing)

Contours to uneven floor surfaces

Made from recycled material

Available in Cut to Length – Black only

Sizes 2’, 3’ &4’ up to 33’long

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